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Hyundai Service Plans

Tailored Hyundai Service Plans

At West Riding, our Hyundai Service Plans are meticulously crafted to aid you in distributing the cost of maintaining your vehicle over a fixed term. Essentially, you pay a fixed monthly sum over an agreed period, typically three years, and in return, we handle all your vehicle's servicing requirements. Our fully qualified technicians conduct all work in accordance with your vehicle's recommended service schedule, utilising the latest diagnostic equipment and workshop tools to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Hyundai Service Plan Benefits

In addition to a customised plan tailored to your specific vehicle, our Hyundai Service Plans come with a plethora of included benefits:

  1. Genuine Hyundai Parts: Our trained Hyundai technicians will expertly assess and service your Hyundai, ensuring any faults are promptly replaced or repaired using guaranteed Hyundai parts. Your car will be in the safest hands possible.
  2. Complimentary Checks: Additionally, they will conduct complimentary checks and perform any recommended updates on your vehicle, ensuring it remains in top condition. Our retailers can also give you advice on how to look after your Hyundai, showing you how a few simple checks can optimise performance, fuel economy and safety

Whether you're off for holidays in the sun or heading to crucial appointments, your driving life should be worry-free. Hyundai Service Plans are crafted to simplify car maintenance, allowing you to live life to the fullest without concerns about servicing arrangements. Simply choose a service plan at your convenience and relish the ease of fixed monthly payments.

Mechanic Working On Hyundai Engine

Why buy a service plan?

Service and MOT packages are designed to give you real peace of mind. Your future servicing and MOT needs will be taken care of for 1, 2 or even 3 years.

  • An exclusive price when you buy your vehicle.
  • The full protection of your manufacturer warranty and the reassurance that your car will keep its future resale value.
  • Service Plans available on vehicles of all ages.

Contact West Riding Hyundai

For any inquiries about our great-value Hyundai Service Plans, feel free to contact us today! Our experienced Hyundai team are ready to assist you at our dealerships located in ColneManchester, & Bolton. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to address all your Hyundai servicing needs and provide you with exceptional service.

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