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Our Banking Details


Sort Code           23-05-80

Account No.     43026445

IBAN: GB74MYMB23058043026445


Sort Code           23-05-80

Account no.     43026429

IBAN: GB21MYMB23058043026429


Sort Code          23-05-80

Account No.     43026437

IBAN: GB96MYMB23058043026437

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Thank you for choosing West Riding Hyundai, please find below our bank details for the payment of your purchase.

Where applicable please use your Registration Number as the reference for your payment.

IMPORTANT - Please Note

West Riding Hyundai Bank with Metro Bank PLC.  Metro Bank is a recognised highstreet bank and lender, however they are not yet subscribed to the UK’s Confirmation of payee service.

This service was introduced in 2020 by the UK Government to provide a check on the bank account details you enter when making online payments, subscription to this service is only mandatory for the UK’s biggest six banks.

Metro Bank will soon offer this service, but in the meantime when setting up your payment you may see a warning that these bank details have not been confirmed.  This is completely normal. 

If you are concerned, we are happy for you to send us a small payment.  We will then verify its receipt and the amount for you.

For peace of mind you can also verify our bank details as follows: 

  • Contact our accounts team (Bolton Branch) on 01204 322 296 Option 4
  • Contact Metro Bank PLC on 0345 02 02 508 or

You will find IBAN details within the table to the left and our SWIFT reference is MYMBGB2L. Both details may be needed if you wish to make or receive International Payments.

For confirmation or receipt of your payment please contact our accounts team at 01204 803 140 (Option 4) or via email: